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Granite is a rock, composed of feldspar, quartz and mica. It starts off as liquid magma deep within the earth’s core, where it is cooled and compressed over millions of years under tons of pressure. It is then quarried, cut and polished. Once this is completed the granite can be applied as kitchen countertops, and more.

Yes, granite has pits and fissures that are part of the stone’s natural characteristics. Some types of granite have more of these characteristics than other types. The pits can be minimized by applying sealers and enhances to the surface of the stone. These characteristics are part of the natural beauty of the stone and will not impair the function or durability of the counter.

A seam is made by joining two pieces of stone using epoxy or polyester adhesives, color matched to the granite. The joined area is smoothened to a thin, visible line. The visibility of seams will depend on the color and pattern of the stone. A small uniform grain, will not be as apparent as a larger varied grain. A dark color will be more apparent than a light color. Black Mont Stone works hard to grain match during production whenever possible and economically feasible. Some stone patterns are very ? necessitating a pattern change on the return piece.

Granite is a very hard and durable stone. Polished granite should be cleaned using a mild, phosphate free, biodegradable liquid dish soap or non-abrasive powder, that contains no aromatics. Follow that with a thorough rinsing and drying using cotton flannel or chamois. If you are using a commercial granite cleaner, the best method is to let the cleaner sit about 30 seconds and then wipe it off with a soft cloth.

No. You can’t burn it with ordinary use. Also, granite will not stain. The only instances of note, is that some colors absorb some moisture with prolonged contact. Usually, no evidence remains when the liquid is removed and the granite dries. Our fabricators apply two coats of a specially formulated sealer that is recommended for all granites. Also, regular maintenance of the countertops with the GC 3 in 1 spray will provide great results because the spray includes a sealer/protector.

The standard thickness of granite is 3 CM, or 1-1/4”.

Yes. The most important concern when selecting a granite for exterior use is the stone’s strength. Exterior granite selections must be able to withstand the stresses that will be imposed on them, especially by the weather. In most instances a dura-rock or comparable sub-top is required to support the granite.

The main difference between marble and granite is that granite is a much denser material formed deep inside the earth’s core while marble is formed from sediments under the seabed. Both solidify into stone after millions of years but the mineral composition of the two stones differ significantly.

Marble is sealed just like granite after the fabrication process, unfortunately, because of its porous nature, sealing marble is insufficient for everyday kitchen use.

Marble can be used for a number of applications, such as fireplace surrounds, tabletops, shelves and bath areas, such as, vanity tops, tub surrounds, floor and shower paneling.

The whole process is designed for quality and speed. First the customer picks a stone. Then we provide the customer an estimate based on their specific project. The client then places a template order. The template is our opportunity to diagram the project layout, optimize and present the best design to fabricate to the customer.

Black Mont Stone accepts cash, credit cards, personal check, and certified check only. After the order is placed, the grand total is broken into two payments, 50% prior to template and the other 50% at the end of the installation.

The estimate is based on the measurement you provide. The more accurate your drawings are the closer to final pricing the estimate will be. Final pricing is always determined after we template the job.

We require our potential Black Mont Stone customers to provide a general diagram of the project with dimensions and personal information, name, city, state, zip code a phone contact and email address, the name of the stone, and edge. We then can process the measurements provided and respond with an estimate, usually within 24 hours or less.

No. We will determine how much material is needed for your countertop. We do not charge you the full price of a slab, you pay only for what is required to fabricate your tops.

This is not an easy question to answer. Your granite and marble will be delivered by Black Mont Stone fully sealed with a high quality sealer (resistant to water and oil based stains). The MIA recommends marble to be re-sealed every 6 months with granite having no specific timetable if cleaned regularly the customer will rarely have staining or cleanability issues with the granite.